Boneless English Roast $ 44.99
Classic, rich and hearty shoulder roast. Great for stew or braising. Just Like grandma made. Approx. 3-4lbs
Boneless Heritage Ham $ 69.95 $ 79.95
Make our cured, and smoked heritage ham the centerpiece at your family's dinner table. 4 lb This pork isn't available in your grocery store. Our pasture-raised heritage pork is from local farms to bring you the best flavors. We cure and smoke our hams to perfection. A heritage holiday ham from Farm Field Table is a true delicacy, boasting a rich heritage and exceptional flavor. Handcrafted with traditional methods, this ham is a symbol of time-honored craftsmanship. The exquisite blend of seasoning and the care taken in the curing process ensure a memorable taste experience. Whether it's a holiday feast or a special occasion, Farm Field Table's heritage holiday ham is a centerpiece that reflects the essence of culinary tradition.  
Boneless New York Strip $ 24.99
A timeless classic! The strip steak showcases the best balance of flavor, marbling, and tenderness available. 14 oz
Boneless Ribeye $ 36.99
Experience the extraordinary taste of our Boneless Ribeye steak, a carnivore's dream come true. Carefully sourced from premium beef cuts, this ribeye offers a delectable combination of tenderness and bold, beefy flavor. Whether you grill it to perfection or sear it in a hot skillet, our Boneless Ribeye guarantees an unforgettable dining experience that will satisfy steak lovers' cravings.   16 oz in a single pack, serves two. 
Brisket Flat $ 77.99
Cut from the leaner side of the brisket, this piece is ideal for a sliced roast, corned beef, and more. 6-8lb
Brisket Point $ 55.99
Cut from the side of the brisket with the most marbling, the point makes for excellent barbeque, braises, and more. Cook it low and slow for fall-apart goodness! 4 - 6 lb
Brisket, Whole $ 129.99 $ 140.99
Full brisket, an average of 10-12lb.
Butcher's Choice Package from $ 99.99 $ 146.99
Our butchers will choose an assortment of 8 lb to 12 lb of our finest grass-fed, grain-finished beef, heritage-raised pork, pastured turkey, pastured chicken, or grass-fed lamb. The package is designed to serve two people and includes: Two steaks (butcher choice) Examples include flank, hanger, bavette, Denver, strips, tenderloin, picanha, ribeye, and many other cuts. Butchers Choice One pound of breakfast sausage or bacon, butcher's choice Ground beef Beef, Pork, Lamb, Poultry Due to the nature and price of this package, we kindly decline requests for customization. 
Chicken Breast $ 16.99
Enjoy the simplicity and versatility of our Boneless Skin-On Chicken Breast, a kitchen staple that elevates your culinary creations. Crafted from the finest poultry, these chicken breasts offer a perfect balance of juiciness and tenderness. Whether you pan-sear, bake, or grill them, our Boneless Skin-On Chicken Breast adds a delicious and crispy element to your dishes. Elevate your meals with these premium chicken breasts and savor their rich flavor and juicy goodness. Approx. 8 oz each, 4 per pack