Chicken Drumsticks $ 9.99
Indulge in the juicy and flavorful goodness of our Chicken Drumsticks, a family-favorite for all occasions. Made from premium poultry, these drumsticks offer a perfect blend of succulent meat and crispy skin when cooked to perfection. Whether you bake, grill, or fry them with your favorite seasonings, our Chicken Drumsticks promise a delicious dining experience that's sure to please every member of the family. Elevate your meals with these mouthwatering chicken drumsticks and savor their irresistible flavor. 3 lb, single pack, serves 6-8
Chicken Leg Quarter $ 11.99
Savor the rich, succulent taste of our Chicken Leg Quarters, a versatile and flavorful choice for your culinary adventures. These leg quarters are crafted from premium poultry, offering a delightful combination of tender meat and crispy skin. Whether you roast them to perfection, grill them with your favorite marinades, or braise them for a hearty meal, our Chicken Leg Quarters promise a delicious dining experience that satisfies your craving for chicken. Elevate your meals with these juicy and flavorful leg quarters and enjoy their savory goodness. Chicken Leg and Thigh, 1.5 lb
Chicken Thighs $ 11.99
Delight in the savory and tender goodness of our Chicken Thighs, a versatile and flavorful addition to your kitchen repertoire. Crafted from premium poultry, these chicken thighs offer a perfect blend of rich, dark meat and a slightly crispy skin when cooked to perfection. Whether you grill them, bake them with your favorite seasonings, or use them in a variety of mouthwatering recipes, our Chicken Thighs promise a delicious dining experience that's sure to please. Elevate your meals with these succulent chicken thighs and savor their savory and juicy flavor. 4 ct, approximately 1.5 lb
Chicken Wings $ 17.99
Satisfy your craving for finger-licking goodness with our Chicken Wings, the ultimate crowd-pleaser. Crafted from high-quality poultry, these chicken wings are perfect for game day, parties, or a delicious snack anytime. Whether you bake them to crispy perfection or toss them in your favorite sauces, our Chicken Wings promise a flavor-packed, satisfying experience that's impossible to resist. Elevate your gatherings with these mouthwatering chicken wings and savor their irresistible taste.  3 lb, single pack, serves 6
Chuck Eye Roast $ 49.99
The chuck eye roast is one of the most tender cuts that come from the chuck section, but it can considered to be a tough cut due to the presence of connective tissue. Roast it slow, to medium-rare or medium to reach its tender potential. Well marbled, the chuck-eye is full of flavor and juiciness. 3-4 lbs  
Corned Beef $ 35.99
Our corned beef is dry-cured for six weeks with salt, sugar, black pepper, mustard seed, ginger, and warm baking spices. Perfect to pair with cabbage for your upcoming holiday dinner. This dry-cured beef brisket that is ready to cook. We recommend cooking by simmering until fork-tender or an internal temperature of 195° is reached, approximately 2-3 hours on the stovetop. For new, returning, or active subscription members, corned beef will be shipped with your March subscription box. All other orders will ship the week of March 11, 2024. Approximately 2-3lb (6 to 8 servings).  
Curated FFT Butcher Box from $ 149.00
We're making it easy to get better meat delivered directly to your door. Our packages include pasture-raised beef, pastured heritage pork, and naturally-raised pastured poultry. No antibiotics, no hormones, and raised on American farms. Expect 21-29 servings (6 oz) for a family of two (8-11 lb) or 42-58 servings for a family of four (16-22 lb).  Our butchers will hand-select rotational options shipped to your door monthly at no cost to you.  Monthly Items to expect in your subscription: Bacon or breakfast sausage Hand-cut steaks Rotational poultry cuts Rotational pork
Denver Steak $ 17.99
A team and fan favorite at Farm Field Table, the Denver steak has the best qualities of a ribeye and a strip steak in one. Well marbled, this delicious cut carries all the depth of flavor associated with the chuck, while remaining tender. Grill or pan sear to medium-rare and slice against the grain for a show-stopping meal. 8 oz. 2 pack, 1lb
Farm Field Table Gift Card from $ 10.00
This online gift card never expires and our products have a  No BS 🐃 💩  Guarantee. You can feel confident that your gift will make your special someone's taste buds extremely happy! Gift Cards will be e-mailed to your inbox and can be used in-store and online.