Ground Pork $ 7.99
Ground heritage pork that is free from seasoning. 1 lb.  Why is our heritage pork so special? Read This>>
Hanger Steak $ 17.99
Nicknamed the "Butcher's Cut," the hanger is the rarest cut of all. The hanger steak has a rich beefy flavor, and slices like butter.    .75 lb, 1 pk. serves two. 
Heritage Bacon $ 15.99
24oz. of dry-cured Michigan heritage bacon. Each batch of bacon takes a minimum of 16 days to make and all along the way we take deliberate steps to encourage evaporation. The result? Pure, condensed bacon flavor. It's been described as a "game-changer".  
Not Your Grocers Steak Box $ 249.99 $ 299.99
Do you crave a little butcher shop adventure? If you're bored with a ribeye, strip, or filet this is for you. If you like saving a little $$$ for incredible steaks this is for you.  You'll get 8-10 lb of the cuts butchers like to keep to themselves. Lucky for you, we're pretty cool and we're not a boring grocery store meat counter.  This online only box will feature a rotation of our favorites, which could include:  Hanger steak  Flat Iron Tri Tip Spider steak Skirt steak Denver steak  Flank Steak Baseball Steak Hanger steak Picanha Sirloin steak Bavette Under Blade Steak Merlot Cut Steak Teres Major Chuck Eye Steak Heart of Clod and MANY more!     
Osso Bucco Beef Shank $ 24.99
This Osso Bucco beef shank is cross-cut with the bone in the center, ready to roast or braise. 2 lb, 2 per pack, serves two. 
Pasture-Raised Whole Turkey from $ 169.99
Air-chilled and pasture-raised whole turkey. Free from hormones and antibiotics. They are sure to be the perfect centerpiece for any table.  We recommend 1.25-1.5 lbs per person, depending on appetites. A 14-18lbs turkey will feed approximately 10, and an 18-22lbs turkey will feed approximately 14. Whole Turkey, Shipped Frozen on Dry Ice Neck, Gizzards, Heart, Liver Dry Brine Kit  Free Shipping! All turkeys ship for free, with a guaranteed arrival date of Friday, 17 November if purchased by Monday, November 13th. 
Picanha Steak $ 27.99
Sirloin cap steak, known as picanha or coulotte.  A true treat, and a one of a kind cut. Average weight of 1.5 lbs.
Pork Baby Back Ribs $ 19.99
2.5-3 lbs
Pork Back Fat $ 29.99
Our heritage breed hogs are well known for the quality of their fat. Whether you are trying your hand at charcuterie or rendering it for lard, we have the best fat for the job! 5 lb packages.