Adventure In Steak Package $ 119.99 $ 169.99
This is the ultimate steak gift set for your steak connoisseur. The assortment of chef curated premium cuts of steak will take you on a journey through whole animal butchery. There will be classic favorites and unique and little-known cuts that only a butcher could recommend. This steak adventure includes eight 8 oz steaks from around the steer. All of our beef is grass fed and grain-finished for the maximum flavor. The animals are raised on family farms with humane treatment. Get an assortment of mouthwatering steaks that could include any of the following and more: Under Blade Steak Sirloin Steak Merlot Cut Steak Denver Steak Flat Iron Teres Major Skirt Steak Flank Steak Chuck Eye Steak Sirloin Bavette Heart of Clod Hanger Steak Picanha Beef Tri Tip Strip Steak Porterhouse Ribeye    *** Some steaks will be cut for 2 portions or more. We use 8oz. per portion as a guide***
Butcher's Choice Package from $ 99.99 $ 146.99
Our butchers will choose an assortment of 8 lb to 12 lb of our finest grass-fed, grain-finished beef, heritage-raised pork, pastured turkey, pastured chicken, or grass-fed lamb. The package is designed to serve two people and includes: Two steaks (butcher choice) Examples include flank, hanger, bavette, Denver, strips, tenderloin, picanha, ribeye, and many other cuts. Butchers Choice One pound of breakfast sausage or bacon, butcher's choice Ground beef Beef, Pork, Lamb, Poultry Due to the nature and price of this package, we kindly decline requests for customization. 
Curated FFT Butcher Box from $ 149.00
We're making it easy to get better meat delivered directly to your door. Our packages include pasture-raised beef, pastured heritage pork, and naturally-raised pastured poultry. No antibiotics, no hormones, and raised on American farms. Expect 21-29 servings (6 oz) for a family of two (8-11 lb) or 42-58 servings for a family of four (16-22 lb).  Our butchers will hand-select rotational options shipped to your door monthly at no cost to you.  Monthly Items to expect in your subscription: Bacon or breakfast sausage Hand-cut steaks Rotational poultry cuts Rotational pork
Corned Beef $ 35.99
Our corned beef is dry-cured for six weeks with salt, sugar, black pepper, mustard seed, ginger, and warm baking spices. Perfect to pair with cabbage for your upcoming holiday dinner. This dry-cured beef brisket that is ready to cook. We recommend cooking by simmering until fork-tender or an internal temperature of 195° is reached, approximately 2-3 hours on the stovetop. For new, returning, or active subscription members, corned beef will be shipped with your March subscription box. All other orders will ship the week of March 11, 2024. Approximately 2-3lb (6 to 8 servings).  
Filet Mignon and Ribeye Package $ 264.99 $ 329.99
Locally sourced grass-fed grain-finished steaks that are ready for salt, pepper, and grill marks. Online only!  4 ct. (8oz.) Filet Mignon Steaks4 ct. (14-16oz) Boneless Ribeye Steaks  
Bone-In Prime Rib Roast $ 169.99 $ 215.00
A bone-in standing rib roast from Farm Field Table is a pinnacle of beef quality, featuring rib bones for flavor and aesthetics. The marbled meat guarantees exceptional juiciness and tenderness, while a perfectly seasoned and seared exterior creates a flavorful crust. When carved, it presents various levels of doneness, appealing to every palate. Farm Field Table's bone-in standing rib roast is a culinary gem, perfect for special gatherings and celebrations. Approx. 2 bones, 6 lb.
Ribeye and Strip Steak Package $ 249.99 $ 299.99
This grass-fed grain-finished beef ribeye steak is the Cadillac of steaks. Enjoy an online only package of 4 ct. (14-16 oz) boneless ribeye steaks and 4 ct. (12-14oz) strip steaks of our local beef. 
FFT Butcher Box from $ 159.00
We're making it easy to get better meat delivered directly to your door. Our butcher box consists of grass-fed grain-finished beef, heritage pork, and naturally raised poultry. No antibiotics, no hormones, and raised on sustainable farms we know and trust. Choose your products from a list of great options.  Expect 21-29 servings (6 oz) for a family of two (9-14 lb) or 42-58 servings for a family of four (18-26 lb). 
Farm Field Table Gift Card from $ 10.00
This online gift card never expires and our products have a  No BS 🐃 💩  Guarantee. You can feel confident that your gift will make your special someone's taste buds extremely happy! Gift Cards will be e-mailed to your inbox and can be used in-store and online.