Boneless Ribeye $ 34.99
Experience the extraordinary taste of our Boneless Ribeye steak, a carnivore's dream come true. Carefully sourced from premium beef cuts, this ribeye offers a delectable combination of tenderness and bold, beefy flavor. Whether you grill it to perfection or sear it in a hot skillet, our Boneless Ribeye guarantees an unforgettable dining experience that will satisfy steak lovers' cravings.   16 oz in a single pack, serves two. 
Boneless New York Strip $ 24.99
A timeless classic! The strip steak showcases the best balance of flavor, marbling, and tenderness available. 14 oz
Bone In Ribeye $ 32.99
Indulge in the robust, mouthwatering flavor of our Bone-In Ribeye steak, a true carnivore's delight. Hand-selected from the finest cuts of beef, this succulent ribeye offers a perfect combination of marbling for tenderness and rich, beefy taste. Whether grilled to perfection or seared in a cast-iron skillet, our Bone-In Ribeye promises a delectable dining experience that steak enthusiasts will cherish.   16 oz in a single package, serving for two. 
Top Sirloin Steak $ 18.99
Savor the rich, meaty flavor of our succulent Sirloin Steak, a culinary masterpiece expertly crafted from prime beef cuts. Ethically sourced and aged to perfection, this steak promises a gourmet experience at home. Pan sear, cook sous vide, or grill this cut, and enjoy the sirloin's rich flavor and minimal fat. 8 oz ea, 2 per pack
Picanha Steak $ 34.99
Sirloin cap steak, known as picanha or coulotte.  A true treat, and a one of a kind cut. Average weight of 1.5 lbs.
Porterhouse Steak $ 34.99
Approximately 24oz