Heritage Bacon $ 15.99
24oz. of dry-cured Michigan heritage bacon. Each batch of bacon takes a minimum of 16 days to make and all along the way we take deliberate steps to encourage evaporation. The result? Pure, condensed bacon flavor. It's been described as a "game-changer".  
Pork Chop, Bone In $ 7.99 $ 13.99
Cut from the loin of the animal, these are tender, flavorful, and a great addition to the grill. Approx. 14oz
Pork Back Fat $ 29.99
Our heritage breed hogs are well known for the quality of their fat. Whether you are trying your hand at charcuterie or rendering it for lard, we have the best fat for the job! 5 lb packages.
Ground Pork $ 5.99
Ground heritage pork that is free from seasoning. 1 lb.  Why is our heritage pork so special? Read This>>
Pork Sage Breakfast Sausage, Bulk $ 12.99
Freshly chopped sage gives this pork sausage a fresh and natural flavor. This breakfast sausage is great for Sunday morning meals, or for the meal prepper who needs a protein packed breakfast option. This bulk sausage comes in 1lb packages.
Pork Butt Bone-In $ 21.99
3-4 lb.
Pork Spare Ribs $ 16.99
2 - 3 lb
Pork Tenderloin $ 6.99
Pork tenderloin is a lean but tender cut from the loin section of a hog. Because of the tenderloin's lean nature, it cooks very quickly so be sure to have your handy dandy meat thermometer ready!  Approx. 14-16 oz
Boneless Heritage Ham $ 44.99 $ 69.99
Make our cured, and smoked heritage ham the centerpiece at your family's dinner table. 3-4lbs This pork isn't available in your grocery store. Our pasture-raised heritage pork is from local farms to bring you the best flavors. We cure and smoke our hams to perfection. A heritage holiday ham from Farm Field Table is a true delicacy, boasting a rich heritage and exceptional flavor. Handcrafted with traditional methods, this ham is a symbol of time-honored craftsmanship. The exquisite blend of seasoning and the care taken in the curing process ensure a memorable taste experience. Whether it's a holiday feast or a special occasion, Farm Field Table's heritage holiday ham is a centerpiece that reflects the essence of culinary tradition.