On Thanksgiving, we gather around our table--like so many Americans--to give thanks. We offer thanks for our families, our health, and our countless blessings. Among them, the bounty we enjoy at this time each year.

We know firsthand the sacrifice and dedication that goes into the food we eat. The farmers’ early mornings, long hours, and calloused hands; the chef’s late nights, racing thoughts, and unending demands. Your work, we don’t take for granted. Your sacrifices, we see and we cherish.

This is our ode to the American farmer and chef. A declaration of a new day in farming and cuisine. A day of empowerment for the hands that raise and prepare our food. This is our commitment to you, farmer. To you, chef. And to you, home cook. To you, on this day and everyday, we offer our sincere thanks.

From our family to yours, Happy #Thanksgiving.