Denver Steak $ 14.99
A team and fan favorite at Farm Field Table, the Denver steak has the best qualities of a ribeye and a strip steak in one. Well marbled, this delicious cut carries all the depth of flavor associated with the chuck, while remaining tender. Grill or pan sear to medium-rare and slice against the grain for a show-stopping meal. 8 oz. 2 pack, 1lb
Flat Iron Steak $ 18.99
One of the butcher's best-kept-secrets. The flat-iron is richly marbled, and second only to the filet in terms of tenderness. Cook on a rippin' hot pan or grill, and slice thin against the grain. Approximately 1lb. 
Beef Baseball Steak $ 22.99
Named for its location at the "base of the ball joint", this tender steak comes from the meeting of the sirloin and the round. The baseball steak carries the depth of flavor that sirloin is known for, plus all the tenderness of the filet mignon. A great alternative to filet, the extra marbling makes this steak easy to cook and easy to enjoy. 8 oz ea, 2 per pack
Sirloin Bavette $ 24.99
The bavette, which literally means "bib", is best thought of as a cross between a flank steak and a ribeye. Rich in marbling and flavor, this cut is incredibly versatile, though it is best known in France as the traditional cut of choice for Steak Frites. 16 oz. steak
Hanger Steak $ 18.99
Nicknamed the "Butcher's Cut," the hanger is the rarest cut of all. The hanger steak has a rich beefy flavor, and slices like butter.    .75 lb, 1 pk. serves two. 
Flank Steak $ 38.99
Lean and with a well-defined grain, cook this 1.75 - 2.0 lb steak fast and slice it thin—it's perfect for creating mouthwatering fajitas, delectable sandwiches, and so much more. Elevate your culinary creations with our Flank Steak and treat yourself to a delightful dining experience that will excite your palate.
Tri Tip Steak $ 32.99
Whole Tri Tip, approximately 1.5-2 lbs. Great for smoking or slow sous vide cooking.
Teres Major Steak $ 12.99
Incredibly tender and flavorful, this steak is quickly gaining popularity in some of the finest restaurants in the country.  8 oz
Sirloin Steak Tips $ 14.99
These premium steak tips are carefully selected from the finest cuts of sirloin, ensuring a perfect balance of flavor and juiciness. Whether you're grilling, pan-searing, or skewering them for a delectable kabob, our Sirloin Steak Tips promise a culinary experience that will leave you craving for more. Elevate your meals with these succulent tips and enjoy the versatility and rich flavor they bring to your favorite dishes. 8 oz, single pack