At Farm Field Table we are committed to customer satisfaction and offer the flexibility to change a customer's steak order to any other cut of meat deemed equivalent by our experts, considering factors such as quality, tenderness, flavor, and value.
We ensure transparency by informing customers of any intended steak replacements before finalizing their orders and strive to accommodate specific dietary preferences, while also reserving the right to make substitutions based on unforeseen circumstances or availability.

Legal Policy: Fine Print - Steak Replacement

This policy governs the terms and conditions regarding steak replacement at Farm Field Table LLC. By placing an order with us, customers acknowledge and agree to be bound by the following provisions:

  1. Steak Replacement: Farm Field Table LLC offers the option to change the steak ordered to any other cut of meat determined to be equivalent by our experts. The determination of equivalence is based on objective factors including quality, tenderness, flavor, and overall value. The decision to substitute the original steak selection with an alternative rests solely with Farm Field Table LLC.

  2. Substitution Rights: Farm Field Table LLC reserves the right to substitute the steak selection under certain circumstances. These circumstances include, but are not limited to, unavailability of the ordered steak due to factors beyond our control, such as supply chain disruptions, inventory limitations, or quality concerns. In such cases, Farm Field Table LLC will make reasonable efforts to provide a suitable alternative that meets our quality standards and is equivalent in the aforementioned factors.

  3. Notification and Disclosure: Farm Field Table LLC will notify customers of any intended steak replacements before finalizing their orders. We are committed to transparency and will provide detailed information about the alternative cut being offered. Customers will have the opportunity to accept the substitution or request modifications within reasonable limits, considering our capabilities and available inventory.

  4. Dietary Preferences: Customers are encouraged to inform Farm Field Table LLC, of any specific dietary restrictions or preferences at the time of ordering. While we make reasonable efforts to accommodate such requests, it is important to note that the availability of specific cuts of meat may be subject to limitations. Farm Field Table LLC will strive to find suitable alternatives within these constraints, but customers understand and accept that certain preferences may not be feasible to accommodate.

  5. Discretionary Nature: This policy acknowledges that steak replacement is a discretionary service provided by Farm Field Table LLC. The decision to offer a replacement and the selection of the alternative cut rest solely with Farm Field Table LLC. Customers cannot demand or expect guaranteed steak replacements, and this policy does not cover instances where customers wish to change their steak selection after it has been prepared or served.

  6. Limitation of Liability: While Farm Field Table LLC endeavors to provide the best possible dining experience, we cannot guarantee the complete replication of a specific steak selection. The equivalence determination is based on expert judgment and is subjective to some degree. [Company Name] shall not be held liable for any dissatisfaction arising from steak replacements made in accordance with this policy.

  7. Modification and Review: Farm Field Table LLC reserves the right to modify this policy at any time, without prior notice. It is the responsibility of customers to review the policy periodically to stay informed of any changes. The effective date of the policy will be clearly indicated, along with the date of the last review and the anticipated date of the next review.

By placing an order with Farm Field Table LLC, customers signify their understanding, acceptance, and agreement to abide by this policy. Should any questions or concerns arise regarding this policy, customers are encouraged to contact Farm Field Table LLC for further clarification.

 - Farm Field Table LLC -