Boneless English Roast $ 41.99
Classic, rich and hearty shoulder roast. Great for stew or braising. Just Like grandma made. Approx. 3-4lbs
Beef Coppa Steak $ 15.99
Delight in the exceptional flavor and tenderness of our Beef Coppa Steak, a culinary masterpiece perfect for discerning palates. Crafted from the finest cuts of beef, this steak features a rich, beefy taste that's sure to satisfy. Whether you choose to grill it to perfection, pan-sear it, or slow roast it, our Beef Coppa Steak offers a delectable dining experience that will leave you wanting more. Elevate your meal with this premium steak and savor its succulent, mouthwatering essence. 1 lb, 1 pack, serves 3
T Bone Steak $ 28.99
A T Bone steak is a cut of beef containing a T-shaped bone with an flavorful, tender cut of meat on each side. It is a succulent and juicy steak that is sure to delight any meat lover. Approximately 18oz
Wagyu Filet Mignon $ 74.25
Wagyu Beef Tenderloin.   $148.50 per pound  8oz