Picanha Steak $ 59.99
Full sirloin cap steak, known as picanha or coulotte.  A true treat, and a one of a kind cut. Average weight of 1.5 lbs.
Chuck Eye Roast $ 55.99
The chuck eye roast is one of the most tender cuts that come from the chuck section, but it can considered to be a tough cut due to the presence of connective tissue. Roast it slow, to medium-rare or medium to reach its tender potential. Well marbled, the chuck-eye is full of flavor and juiciness. 3-4 lbs  
FFT Butcher Box from $ 159.00
We're making it easy to get better meat delivered directly to your door. Our butcher box consists of grass-fed grain-finished beef, heritage pork, and naturally raised poultry. No antibiotics, no hormones, and raised on sustainable farms we know and trust. Choose your products from a list of great options.  Expect 21-29 servings (6 oz) for a family of two (9-14 lb) or 42-58 servings for a family of four (18-26 lb). 
Bone In Ribeye $ 44.99
Indulge in the robust, mouthwatering flavor of our Bone-In Ribeye steak, a true carnivore's delight. Hand-selected from the finest cuts of beef, this succulent ribeye offers a perfect combination of marbling for tenderness and rich, beefy taste. Whether grilled to perfection or seared in a cast-iron skillet, our Bone-In Ribeye promises a delectable dining experience that steak enthusiasts will cherish.   16 oz in a single package, serving for two. 
Beef Bottom Round $ 38.99 $ 29.99
3-3.5 lb
Hanger Steak $ 24.99
Nicknamed the "Butcher's Cut," the hanger is the rarest cut of all. The hanger steak has a rich beefy flavor, and slices like butter.    .75 lb, 1 pk. serves two. 
Not Your Grocers Steak Box $ 249.99 $ 299.99
Do you crave a little butcher shop adventure? If you're bored with a ribeye, strip, or filet this is for you. If you like saving a little $$$ for incredible steaks this is for you.  You'll get 8-10 lb of the cuts butchers like to keep to themselves. Lucky for you, we're pretty cool and we're not a boring grocery store meat counter.  This online only box will feature a rotation of our favorites, which could include:  Hanger steak  Flat Iron Tri Tip Spider steak Skirt steak Denver steak  Flank Steak Baseball Steak Hanger steak Picanha Sirloin steak Bavette Under Blade Steak Merlot Cut Steak Teres Major Chuck Eye Steak Heart of Clod and MANY more!     
Teres Major Steak $ 15.49
Incredibly tender and flavorful, this steak is quickly gaining popularity in some of the finest restaurants in the country. 8  oz
Tri Tip Steak $ 43.99
Whole Tri Tip, approximately 1.5-2 lbs. Great for smoking or slow sous vide cooking.