FFT Butcher Box from $ 159.00
We're making it easy to get better meat delivered directly to your door. Our butcher box consists of grass-fed grain-finished beef, heritage pork, and naturally raised poultry. No antibiotics, no hormones, and raised on sustainable farms we know and trust. Choose your products from a list of great options.  Expect 21-29 servings (6 oz) for a family of two (9-14 lb) or 42-58 servings for a family of four (18-26 lb). 
Beef Baseball Steak $ 22.99
Named for its location at the "base of the ball joint", this tender steak comes from the meeting of the sirloin and the round. The baseball steak carries the depth of flavor that sirloin is known for, plus all the tenderness of the filet mignon. A great alternative to filet, the extra marbling makes this steak easy to cook and easy to enjoy. 8 oz ea, 2 per pack
Flat Iron Steak $ 21.99
One of the butcher's best-kept-secrets. The flat-iron is richly marbled, and second only to the filet in terms of tenderness. Cook on a rippin' hot pan or grill, and slice thin against the grain. Approximately 1lb. 
Beef Bacon $ 14.99
16 oz. dry-cured Michigan beef bacon. Each batch of bacon takes a minimum of 16 days to make and all along the way we take deliberate steps to encourage evaporation. The result? Pure, condensed bacon flavor.   
Skirt Steak $ 25.99
With a clearly defined grain and plenty of marbling, the skirt is unique in its rapid cooking style and intense flavor. Marinate and broil, grill, or pan sear and slice against the grain. 1-1.25 lbs  
Top Sirloin Steak $ 21.99
Savor the rich, meaty flavor of our succulent Sirloin Steak, a culinary masterpiece expertly crafted from prime beef cuts. Ethically sourced and aged to perfection, this steak promises a gourmet experience at home. Pan sear, cook sous vide, or grill this cut, and enjoy the sirloin's rich flavor and minimal fat. 8 oz ea, 2 per pack
Sirloin Bavette $ 22.99
The bavette, which literally means "bib", is best thought of as a cross between a flank steak and a ribeye. Rich in marbling and flavor, this cut is incredibly versatile, though it is best known in France as the traditional cut of choice for Steak Frites. 16 oz. steak
Osso Bucco Beef Shank $ 24.99
This Osso Bucco beef shank is cross-cut with the bone in the center, ready to roast or braise. 2 lb, 2 per pack, serves two. 
Ground Beef Package - 5lbs $ 54.99 $ 59.95
5 lbs. of our local in-house aged ground beef packaged in 1lb packages.